Webinar Courses

We are pleased to offer you recordings of three 2-day courses offered by the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences. You may listen to these courses for $200.00 each. You will have 15 days to watch a single course, 30 days to watch two courses, and 45 days to watch all three courses. The courses must be taken in sequence, that is, you cannot purchase course #2 without having previously purchased course #1, nor purchase course #3 without having previously purchased course #2.  See descriptions below.

You may also earn a Certificate in the Science of Breathing Behavior Analysis along with academic and/or CE credits for completion of these three courses…

Earning this Level-1 Certificate constitutes the first half of the Certification program, Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst, offered by the Graduate School. Should you wish to earn the Certificate and academic and/or CE credit for these courses from the Graduate School, you will need to take an examination for each course and pay an additional $1,200.00 which entitles you to attend these same courses “live” in any of the Graduate School’s three trimesters as well as to having access to slides, forms, and articles from the Graduate School e-campus website.

If you are interested in CERTIFICATION as a Breathing Behavior Analyst

Should you wish to become certified as a Breathing Behavior Analyst, you will then need to register at www.e-campus.bp.edu to complete the Level-2 Certificate in The Practice of Breathing Behavior Analysis.  Tuition $1,800.00.

The three courses are as follows:

Course 1: Respiratory Psychophysiology.

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A behavioral perspective of physiology is presented, paving the way for the practical implementation of biological learning principles for assessing, managing, and overcoming dysfunctional breathing and its effects. This course has been designed to set the conceptual stage for the practical weaving together of the physiology and psychology of breathing. Overall course objectives are organized around the psychology and physiology of breathing, including

(1) a basic understanding of behavioral physiology and its role in dysfunctional breathing;

(2) a conceptual overview of the fundamental physiological systems involved in breathing and respiration, and

(3) an overview of learned dysfunctional breathing and the mechanisms that account for its effects.

Course 2: Breathing Habit Analysis.

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The course prepares colleagues for assessing breathing behavior and habits based on the principles of behavior analysis and applied psychophysiology, including HOW TO:

● interview clients, while concurrently observing real time physiology, about their breathing habits and their possible role in health (physical and mental) and performance;

● conduct TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY counseling, i.e., interacting with your client around live physiology while interviewing;

● identify dysfunctional breathing habits and their effects, behavioral components, learning histories, triggers, motivations, reinforcements, along with their role in triggering, exacerbating, and perpetuating symptoms associated with physical and behavioral disorders;

● design customized testing protocols for clients with dysfunctional breathing habits based on their unique challenges, circumstances, and learning histories;

● formulate learning plans that bring together physiology and psychology in ways that provide for practical and effective solutions for overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits;

● learn to make assessment sessions client-centered learning experiences, rather than therapist-centered diagnostic sessions, by engaging clients in a partnership interview;

● use assessment tools for case analysis including forms, data collection records, testing outcomes, and interview content; and

● operate capnography, HRV, and electromyography instrumentation as a learning tool for self-observation and self-exploration by clients.

Course 3: Breathing Habit Modification.

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The course presents an integration of the principles of behavior therapy with biofeedback for disengaging dysfunctional breathing habits and learning new breathing habits for optimizing health and improve performance. Colleagues learn to provide learning services in person and over the Internet, and to guide clients in self-evaluating and self-learning breathing habits between sessions. The course includes: self-regulation interventions, cognitive learning, behavioral counseling, behavior analysis, self-talk training, belief system education, desensitization to breathing mechanics, desensitization to hypocapnic symptoms, breathing-mechanics awareness training, negative practice, deactivating behavioral triggers, extinction of maladaptive breathing behaviors, acquisition of new breathing behaviors, withdrawal of old reinforcements, creating new reinforcements, respiratory reflex awareness training, oximetry, incentive spirometry, somatic (EMG) biofeedback, autonomic biofeedback (HRV) biofeedback, CapnoLearning biofeedback, management of chronic dysfunctional breathing habits (state-dependent learning), generalization training, and writing learning plans.

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