Three videos produced in partnership with Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado were prepared for lay audiences who practice yoga and other self-regulation breathing practices. These videos introduce the subject of “overbreathing,” hypocapnia (CO2 deficit), and dysfunctional breathing habits. They are relevant to the interests of both practitioners and their clients.

Practitioners may download the videos for purposes of working with their clients, but may not use them for commercial purposes. The videos are copyrighted by the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences.

VIDEO 1: Breathing: Unexplained Symptoms and Deficits

Your breathing may be affecting you in profound ways, in ways you never imagined,
much more so than you know, and without your realizing it.

VIDEO 2: Breathing: Dysfunctional Habits & Vicious Circle Learning

Bad breathing habits are vicious circle and they may stay with you for a life time,
triggering unexplained symptoms and deficits year after year.

VIDEO 3: Breathing: Intuitive Learning vs. Prescriptive Intervention

You can learn to break your bad breathing habits, replace them with good ones,
and benefit enormously from aligning your breathing with respiratory reflexes.