Course 3: Breathing Habit Modification




This course presents an integration of the principles of behavior therapy with biofeedback for disengaging dysfunctional breathing habits and learning new breathing habits for optimizing health and improve performance. Colleagues learn to provide learning services in person and over the Internet, and to guide clients in self-evaluating and self-learning breathing habits between sessions. The course includes: self-regulation interventions, cognitive learning, behavioral counseling, behavior analysis, self-talk training, belief system education, desensitization to breathing mechanics, desensitization to hypocapnic symptoms, breathing-mechanics awareness training, negative practice, deactivating behavioral triggers, extinction of maladaptive breathing behaviors, acquisition of new breathing behaviors, withdrawal of old reinforcements, creating new reinforcements, respiratory reflex awareness training, oximetry, incentive spirometry, somatic (EMG) biofeedback, autonomic biofeedback (HRV) biofeedback, CapnoLearning biofeedback, management of chronic dysfunctional breathing habits (state-dependent learning), generalization training, and writing learning plans.