GO Support

It is highly recommended that all CapnoTrainer GO users read the software Manuals and watch the tutorial videos for answers to their questions.  These support materials are available on this website as well as within the BASIC and PROFESSIONAL software programs themselves.


Hardware OR installation issues?
If you have a hardware or installation issue, email tech@betterphysiology.com to make an appointment for immediate service!


Professional GO Users and their associated Trainers:

Trouble-shooting services for GO Professional users and their associate trainers is free.  Set an appointment on Zoom with the Better Physiology Tech System by emailing tech@betterphysiology.com for an appointment.  Instructional services , however, are not included in the professional subscription and must be purchased as a tutorial service.


Personal and Basic GO users:

Read the BASIC MANUAL and watch specifically relevant video tutorials available on this website as well as within the software itself.  Live tech support on Zoom is available for a fee of $25.00 per 15 minutes of service. Set an appointment with the Better Physiology Tech System by emailing tech@betterphysiology.com.


Tutorial Services

Many people learn to use software more efficiently through receiving one-on-one live help from a technology expert rather than by reading manuals and watching videos.  Personal attention while learning the details of sophisticated software means learning to take advantage of its many perhaps otherwise overlooked features.


Better Physiology offers one-on-one tutorial services for a fee of $25.00 per 15 minutes of service.  Contact tech@betterphysiology.com to make an appointment.  This service is above and beyond the trouble-shooting services provided at no charge for Professional GO users who receive these services as part of their subscription.


Better Physiology DOES NOT educate customers on how to provide breathing behavior analysis or CapnoLearning services.  Consult the book, CapnoLearning: An Introductory Guide, or contact Sandra Reamer, MFA, MS at sr@bp.edu and her network of breathing behavior analysts for help.  For more details, go to SERVICES again and click on CONSULTATION.