For Practitioners

BEHAVIORAL PHYSIOLOGY INSTITUTE provides practicum services for practitioners learning to use their CapnoTrainers.

Many CapnoTrainer customers do not take the time to learn much about breathing habit analysis and its educational applications. Here is an opportunity to learn at no expense to the practitioner.

Sandra Reamer, M.S., M.F.A., C.S.T., CBBF, CBBA, C.O.M.T., Practicum Supervisor of the Graduate School of Behavioral health Sciences, is offering a unique opportunity where CapnoTrainer owners can learn how to do breathing analysis and learning sessions with their own clients, in their own offices, at no cost to them, and earn income while doing so.

She and her network of practitioners conduct breathing behavior analysis and learning sessions with your clients in your office over the Internet. This service is provided through on Zoom, where she actually operates your CapnoTrainer while conducting her sessions with your clients.

Your clients PAY YOU A FEE (determined by you) for the assessment and learning sessions with Sandra, one of the leading authorities in the field. You pay Sandra an agreed to fee and make the difference between your fee and hers. All sessions are recorded so that you can then review them at your leisure, should you not be able to attend the live sessions.

Once you feel that you and/or your employees have learned enough and are ready to take over, she steps out of the picture. There is also, however, the option of continuing to work with her service organization, Behavioral Physiology Institute, on an ongoing basis, where her team of practitioners provide breathing learning services on your behalf.

For detailed information write to, call 505.946.8919, or contact Sandra Reamer at