For Lay People

BEHAVIORAL PHYSIOLOGY INSTITUTE provides breathing learning services for people interested in learning about their own breathing and its effects.

If you think you might have learned a breathing habit that may be affecting your health and/or performance, Behavioral Physiology Institute provides live assessment and learning services to clients around the world over the Internet.

Behavioral Physiology Institute offers a breathing learning tutorial program. The program includes a CapnoTrainer rental and six learning sessions spread out over a one month time period.  Practitioners with an MS degree in Applied Breathing Sciences operate the CapnoTrainer from their offices, observe your physiology, guide you in identifying your breathing habits and their effects, and assist you in overcoming dysfunctional habits and replacing them with habits consistent with good physiology.

For detailed information write to, call 505.946.8919, or contact Sandra Reamer, Practicum Supervisor at the Graduate School of Breathing Sciences, at