Customer Support

You can reach customer support at
Please email us for an appointment.


Software is updated once or twice a year. Go to DOWNLOADS to see if there is something new.

Sign-on problems:

Exit your software completely and unplug your instrument.
Make sure that you are plugged into a USB port that is adequately powered.
If you are using a hub, it must be supplied power by wall current.
Plug into a different USB port.
Try again. If you still can’t sign-on, reboot your computer.

Low readings:

Change the filter.
Do not reuse cannulas.
Do not use the same cannula for more than one hour.

Very high, off scale readings:

Go to CALIBRATE at the top of the screen, click on RESTORE FACTORY CALIBRATION.
Then ZERO CALIBRATE the instrument (see Quick Start Card instructions).

Erratic readings:

Your instrument probably has accumulated water internally as a result of condensation in the cannula and sampling hose.

Allow the instrument to run, without filter and hose, to dry it out.
Wait until you see a stable signal (line). This may take minutes, hours, or overnight.
When stable ZERO CALIBRATE the instrument.

Software issues:

Please read the Quick Start, CapnoPlus Start, and Group Start cards thoroughly before contacting us. If you still have a questions or problems email us at

Customers do occasionally find software configuration bugs. If you find one be sure to contact us immediately so that we can fix it.

CO2 Calibration:

Your instrument should not need CO2 calibration for at least five years. But, if you have somehow unintentionally misused the instrument, dropped it, or water has accumulated too many times to an usually high degree, it may require CO2 recalibration, although this is rare.

Repair orders (and CO2 calibration):

Please download the Repair Order Form and follow instructions. We use a third party, PhysioCom design to do CO2 calibration and repairs. If you are outside of the USA you can obtain help for CO2 calibration by contacting a local distributor.