Customer Support

Tech Support:

P6.0 Software Updates:

Software updates are automatic, unless you have deactivated the option in your software.

Earlier software programs for previous versions of hardware (5.0 and earlier) are no longer
updated and supported.  You may continue to download previous software by going to

Registration Issues:

If you receive messages saying that you need to register the instrument when you have already done so, click on Unregister CapnoTrainer. Then reregister, the instrument in the usual fashion (5.0 or 6.0), that is, by going onto the live screen and clicking on the Connect CapnoTrainer icon; it will prompt you for your Serial Number.

Sudden Unexpected Low mmHg Readings:

There may be particles caught in the Water Trap, which restricts airflow.
Disconnect the Water Trap and discard it.  Do not reuse it.

Using Sampling Lines:

Do not use the same Sampling Line for more than one hour at a time.
Discard the the Sampling Line after one use.
Do not reuse a Sampling Line unless its the same user working at home.

Replacing Water Traps:

Do NOT get water into your instrument!
When the Water Trap icon flashes (90% saturation), change it for a new one.
If you do not do so, the instrument will automatically shut down (95% saturation).

To change out a Water trap, click on Water Trap RESET icon (water drop icon).
Follow the instructions and click on the Reset icon a the bottom of the dialog box.
If you have shut off your instrument and it will not restart, contact Tech Support.

Software Issues:

Customers often do find bugs and even more often have suggestions.
Please email us any time at

Repairs and CO2 calibration:

The CapnoTrainer P6.0 is a modular system.  This means that it most cases we send you a component part replacement that you can install yourself.  This will save you an immense amount of time and money.  If your instrument needs CO2 recalibration (not to be confused with zero calibration), we send you a new part that you can install yourself.