Download P6.0

You may download P6.0 software if you are:

(1) a new customer who has purchased a P6.0 CapnoTrainer instrument, or

(2) an existing customer who has purchased an independent copy of P6.0 software.

If neither of these is true, click here to PURCHASE P6.0 software now.

Returning Customers: If you have previously downloaded the software, you may download it again on any PC computer, by clicking here, DOWNLOAD P6.0 Software.  Simply enter your email address (username) and Password when prompted.

New P6.0 Instrument Customers: If you have just now purchased a P6.0 instrument, please follow the instructions below for downloading the software and creating your Cloud Database account.Please read the instructions completely before initiating the download.

  1. Plug the instrument into a USB port on the computer.
  2. Click here to DOWNLOAD P6.0 Software.
  3. Enter the serial number(s) located on back of the instrument(s).
  4. Enter your email address (username).
  5. Create a password for your new Cloud account.

The serial number will be verified when you click on CONTINUE DOWNLOAD.  If the serial number is not found, a mismatch message will appear.  If so, contact the salesperson/distributor from whom the instrument was purchased or email Better Physiology at

THEN, after downloading the software, do the following:

Do NOT as yet disconnect the instrument from the computer.

  1. Click on the CapnoTrainer® icon on the computer desktop.
  2. Enter your email address (username) and Password.
  3. Complete the CUSTOMER PROFILE when prompted.

You are ready to go!