Consultation services for both receiving or learning to provide CapnoLearning services can be obtained through Sandra Reamer, MFA, MS,

co-author of CapnoLearning: An Introductory Guide (2023) at


Sandra provides breathing assessment and learning sessions for Personal GO users, CapnoLearning instructional services for Professional GO practitioners who need assistance, and case review for practitioners wanting advice and feedback on specific cases.


Sandra supervises the CapnoLearning practicum programs at the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences for practitioners becoming Certified as Breathing Behavior Analysts as well as those seeking the Professional Diploma in Behavioral Breathing Science.


Sandra also manages a network of Certified Breathing Behavior Analysts worldwide, who can provide breathing learning services for those with dysfunctional breathing habits and/or for those interested in optimizing respiration and its associated acid-base physiology.