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The CapnoTrainer is a USB-based, software-operated, carbon dioxide (CO2) analyzer for learning about breathing habits and their effects. The instrument is for teaching and learning new breathing behavior patterns. The instrument is NOT intended for diagnosis and/or treatment or medical purposes of any kind.

The use of the CapnoTrainer is based on the principles of behavior analysis and behavior modification for (1) determining whether or not there is a dysfunctional breathing habit, (2) identifying the learned behavioral components of dysfunctional habits, (3) identifying the symptoms and deficits brought on by habits, (4) determining how existing health conditions may interact with the physiological effects of habits, (5) identifying the triggers of breathing habits (e.g., pain), (6) identifying the payoffs (reinforcements) that keep breathing habits in place, (7) uncovering the origin of habits, and (8) assisting patients in overcoming dysfunctional habits and learning new ones that are consistent with good physiology, especially respiration.

You may observe the following physiology with the CapnoTrainer: • PCO2 waveform, in mmHg (the capnogram) • End-tidal CO2 (PetCO2), real-time and averages, in mmHg • Breathing rate averages, in breaths per minute • Airflow, including aborted exhaling, forced exhaling, breath holding, and gasping.

It runs on PC computers and operates within all recent versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. Although the instrument will operate on Apple MAC configured with Windows, Apple is NOT supported.

Starter Kit: $200.00
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The Starter kit should always be purchased with your first CapnoTrainer. It includes: 5 packs of 20 nasal cannulas (100 total), 1 pack of 12 capno filters, 1 DVD Tutorial on software basics, and 1 CD of forms for habit analysis and training, videos for learning, articles, start card, and repair form.

Extended Warranty Program: $400.00
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The 2-year Extended Warranty Program replaces the 1-year Standard Warranty (parts & labor), and includes accidental damage and unintentional misuse of the instrument. Instruments that cannot be repaired are replaced.