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Thank You for your patience. Our new server is now up and running!

Dear Customer:


Thank you so much for your support and patience.


Our new server is now up as running!  It's been a long process.


If you have any pobems, please contact Tech Support.




Updated on 06/26/21
Server down 2:00 - 8:00 pm Mountain Time, Thursday, June 24

Please work offline only 2:00 - 8:00 pm Mountain Time, Thursday, June 24.


Thank you!

Updated on 06/24/21
Work offline on Wed, June 23, and new feature

Dear Customers:


Please work offline on Wednesday, June 23.  Our server will be down and is being upated with a brand new server with maximum security features.


We also are annoucing a new feature built into the latest version of the software.  You may now download a PDF file of session images (snapshots) and notes WITHOUT having to data record and go to the Cloud to see them.  Keep in mind that any images and notes you took BEFORE beginning to data record will NOT be saved to the Cloud.  HOWEVER, if you stop data recording and begin again, pictures and notes taken while not data recording will nevertheless be saved in the Cloud.  The PDF will be saved to your desktop in the name of your client along the session date; if you don't select a client, it will save as "CapnoTrainer" with the session date.

Updated on 06/21/21
New Server for our Cloud Database

Dear Customer:


The server will be down for about eight hours on Friday, June 18 (USA date).


We are replacing our current server with a high capacity system.


Please collect data OFFLINE on June 18 and then upload it when prompted on June 19.


Thank you for your assistance and patience.


Better Physiology Ltd.

Updated on 06/17/21
Better Physiology - Servers Updates

Dear Customers, 


We would like to inform you that we are updating our servers on Better Physiology. Due to this update, the server might not work properly for next 24 hours i.e. (12:30 pm 16th June 2021 to 12:30 pm, 17th June 2021). 


We apologize for this inconvience. 


P.S: Please note that all of your previous data will be saved on the server. It is just an update that requires 24 hours.


Thank you 

Tech Support ,

Better Physiology


Updated on 06/16/21
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Test announcement

Updated on 05/31/21
Test 4

New test announcement

Updated on 05/31/21
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test 5

Updated on 05/31/21