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IMPORTANT: Water Trap Management

Dear Customer:


The HUMIDITY BAR functionality has changed and is now operating on a different basis.


When the Water Trap is no longer useable, the WT indicator will flash RED and the instrument will immediately shutdown.




Restart the instrument.

Data will NOT be lost, but be sure to restart the data recording if you have been doing so.


You will then have two options:


(1) discard the water trap immediately, or

(2) use our new Water Trap Dryer to dry the Trap at the end of the day.


Using the Water Trap Dryer will significantly extend the life of your water trap.  If, however, the Water Trap does not work the next day, discard it. The Water Trap may have collapsed internally. You may use the same Trap until it no longer works.


We recommend that you dry-out your Traps with the Trap Dryer as a matter of routine at the end of each day.  This will prevent (a) unexpected shutdowns as well as (b) possible internal collapse of a Trap and thus significantly extend its life. 


If you don’t own a Water Trap Dryer, you may order one by clicking on “Order Supplies” ($35.00).


Thank you.


Tech Support


Updated on 12/05/21