The CapnoTrainer GO


The CapnoTrainer® GO brings together physiology, psychology, and technology to create powerful learning tools for identifying good and bad breathing habits, for learning to disengage bad ones that compromise physical and mental competence, and for learning new ones that promote health and performance. 


Based on live real-time feedback of breath-to-breath changes in alveolar CO2 concentration, the GO provides for learning breathing habits that optimize respiration and its associated acid-base physiology.  Allowing for the reflexes that align breathing mechanics with respiratory chemistry is essential to optimizing health and performance.


The instrument is a combination hardware and software system that provides users with training and learning tools for personalized breathing education based on the principles of behavioral analysis through the presentation of both live and recorded physiology.  There are three versions of the CapnoTrainer® GO: Personal, Basic, and Professional.


The GO is a uniquely powerful learning tool for a wide range of educated audiences with a serious interest in breathing science including both practitioners and their clients: human service providers, health educators, fitness trainers, mental health professionals, corporate coaches, counselors, teachers, personal trainers, performance consultants, and self-help specialists (e.g., yoga and meditation).


The GO is battery-operated, Bluetooth, wearable, light weight (185 grams), small (fits in your pocket), and nearly silent (slight ticking sound).  It operates with PC and Apple computers, tablets and I-pads, and Android and i-phones.  It connects to most third-party HRV Bluetooth devices and will operate up to six GO and HRV devices simultaneously.


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